How to Have a Healthy Chinese Takeaway

October 9th, 2017

We know what you’re thinking, are we really putting healthy and takeaway into the same sentence? Takeaways are stereotypically seen as unhealthy junk food, however, YamYam To Go are here to break that stereotype! We’re here to give you the tasty and healthy Chinese takeaway that you didn’t think was possible. Below, we’ve come up with our top tips for choosing healthier options when ordering a Chinese takeaway.

Decide What Your Goal Is

The first step to ordering a healthy Chinese takeaway is to plan; decide what your ultimate goal is. Do you want a carb heavy meal to give you energy? Do you want to pack your takeaway with lots of protein for your muscles? Are you trying to reduce your fat consumption? Do you need to eat a little less sugar? Once you’ve decided what your goal is, it creates a really good base for you to choose your meal.

Make the Right Choices

Now that you’ve decided your goal, it’s time to make the right choices for your meal. If you’re wanting a carb heavy meal, you’ve already made the right decision having a Chinese takeaway; noodles and rice are great for adding good carbs. If you really want a healthier option, make sure you go for plain rice rather than deep fried. If you’re trying to reduce your fat consumption, avoid deep fried or battered food. In addition to this, if you want to consume less sugar, sweet and sour probably isn’t going to be your best friend.

A great all-round meal for a healthy Chinese takeaway would be chicken chow mein; you’ll get your carbs from the noodles, protein from the chicken, as well as getting some of your 5 a day from the vegetables. A slightly healthier option would be a prawn dish with rice. Stir fried vegetables are a good choice for a healthier side.

Order a Healthy Chinese Takeaway from YamYam To Go

If there’s any place where you know you’ll be getting a healthy takeaway, it’s YamYam To Go! We don’t deep fry any of our dishes, making us a much healthier choice in comparison to other Chinese takeaway joints. We also do not scrimp on flavour; we take a lot of pride in giving you authentic Asian flavours in all of our dishes.

Although we’ve suggested healthier options, we aim to make all of our dishes healthy at YamYam To Go, and takeaways are about treating yourself! If you’d like to order a healthy Chinese takeaway today, give the team at YamYam To Go a call on 0800 246 1829. To find out more about our business, fill out our online contact form.