The History of Asian Cuisine

October 17th, 2017

The delicious flavours of Asian cuisine have become a central part of their history and culture. Just like the countries within the continent, Asian food is very varied. However, in general they like to focus on having smaller portions, using plenty of vegetables and fresh ingredients and very rarely deep fry any of their dishes.

East Asian Cuisine

A picture of stir fried asian cuisine

The cuisine of East Asia combines the tastes of China and Japan. Chinese food is very well known for peking duck and their flavoursome stir fry dishes. China are also extremely famous for their range of teas which is a very common drink in the country. Japanese food is arguably the healthiest out of all Asian cuisine as they heavily focus on only using the freshest ingredients in their food. A variety of fresh fish is very common in Japanese dishes.

Cuisine of South Asia

A picture of samosas from indian asian cuisine

Food in South Asia combines a lot of the exotic flavours from Indian cuisine. India are very famous for their street food and little restaurants. Flat breads and samosas are common with Indian dishes. Thailand also contribute to the flavours of South Asia; Pad Thai is one of their most well-known dishes that has now been adopted across the world.

South Western Asian Cuisine

A picture of South Western Asian cuisine

Countries in South West Asia have borrowed many of the ingredients and flavours from traditional Middle Eastern countries. However, they still stick to the Asian style of cooking by ensuring all of their dishes are freshly prepared and ingredients are kept simple.

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