Interesting Asian Desserts To Try

June 11th, 2018

Asian Desserts

If you love Asian food and want to try something new and exotic, then you’ll love these interesting Asian desserts. Asian food isn’t all about rice and noodles, there are a huge variety of amazing sweet Asian desserts out there to try. You can buy all of the ingredients at your local supermarket and they’re just as quick and easy to make as your favourite regular desserts.

Gulab Jamun

A bowl of sticky syrup Gulab jamun, an asian dessert

Gulab Jamun is a dough made from an Indian dairy product called Khoa. It is kneaded with flour, rolled into balls and deep fried. Once fried they are crispy on the outside and moist in the middle, and are then soaked in flavoured sugar syrup to sweeten them. Honey and Saffron are popular flavours but cardamom, rose, or kewra (a flower similar to rose but with a fruitier flavour) are also much loved. They are eaten at festivals and celebrations, and are popular treats for Diwali. There are many variations to suit individual tastes and can be adapted to your preferences, and you don’t need Khoa to try them. This recipe uses milk powder so you can try Gulab Jamun at home.


A celebration table with asian indian sweets and desserts for diwali

Barfi is a popular Indian dessert that can be made from various ingredients. Plain barfis are made with condensed milk and sugar that is cooked until solid and white, hence the name: Barf is Persian for snow! Barfi can be made with flour (besan barfi), cashews (kaaju barfi), pistchios (pista barfi) or peanuts (sing barfi). Fruit and spices can then be added to enhance the flavour. For special occasions, Barfi can be cut into different shapes and patterns and decorated with an edible metallic leaf called Vark. They are a popular treat all year round but can be adapted to special occasions like festivals or weddings. Because of how easy it is to customise Barfi to your tastes, they are a perfect Asian dessert to try at home. Why not try this simple milk powder barfi recipe, or try something fruity with this mango barfi recipe.

Kulfi indian asian ice cream dessert on lolly sticks covered in pistcahios

Kulfi is a popular Asian dessert made from frozen dairy, similar to ice cream. Because it isn’t whipped like Western ice cream it has a dense, creamy texture similar to a custard-based ice cream and doesn’t melt as quickly. It doesn’t require churning and is shaped by pouring into moulds, making it ideal to try at home. It is sold in many Indian restaurants as a traditional Asian dessert and is relatively easy to find. Popular flavours include pistachio and saffron, with cardamom, rose and mango also well favoured. This 7-ingredient recipe is perfect for making your own homemade Kulfi and only takes 20 minutes to cook.

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