Interesting Asian Food Facts

September 19th, 2017

Did you know that a lot of Asian food has a meaning behind it? Below, we’ve discussed some of our most interesting food facts about Asian cuisine:

Fortune Cookies Didn’t Originate in Asia

A picture of a fortune cookie

Although the actual origin of fortune cookies is unknown, it’s widely believed that they originated in the USA and were then imported to Hong Kong around 1908. Many people try to claim the creation of the fortune cookie but the most common belief is that they were served in a San Francisco Japanese Tea Garden in the 1900s.

Noodles Represent Long Life

An image of noodles

In Chinese culture, noodles are seen as a sign of long life due to their long length. Noodles are often served on birthdays as a wish for long life. It is believed that noodles should be eaten bit by bit, without breaking it into pieces; cutting the noodles shorter represents cutting your life shorter.

Good Food Promotes Harmony

A picture of a dinner party table

Food is a huge part of many cultures, but in Chinese culture, eating good food represents a closeness with your family and friends. This is why so many social events will involve lots of good food.

Soup Is Eaten after the Main Course

A picture of Chinese soup

Soup is widely known as a starter course. However, in Chinese cuisine, soup is eaten after the main course as it is seen to improve your digestion, particularly after eating a main of pork or duck.

Authentic Chinese Food Is Healthy

A picture of a healthy ginger beef stir fry

The final of our interesting food facts is that Chinese food, when authentic, is one of the healthiest types of cuisine available. Authentic Chinese food does not require any milk-fat ingredients; therefore less cream, butter and cheese is used in the cooking which is what makes it a lot healthier to alternative cuisine options.

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