Tips for the Perfect Chinese Dinner

April 26th, 2018

Are you wanting to have the perfect Chinese dinner from home? Create a dinner that’s full of flavour with our top tips below!

The Right Equipment

A picture of noodles and vegetables in a wok

Your cooking equipment can make or break your Chinese dinner. For extra tasty food, full of delicious flavour, we recommend using specialised cooking equipment. Woks are very popular in the cooking process of Chinese food. A wok can cook a lot of food at one time, yet cooks it much more evenly; as there’s room for your rice/noodles and vegetables, your sauces are able to soak through to marinate all of the ingredients so that there’s flavour throughout the whole dish. Another great thing about woks is that the older they are, the more flavour they can add to dishes.

Keep It Natural

Wonder where Chinese food gets it’s delicious, rich flavour from? It’s all made from natural ingredients. You’ll never get the same kind of flavour that you get with fresh ingredients if you use lots of dry bottled and canned ingredients. If you want to keep it as natural as possible, why not think about growing your own ingredients?

Make Your Own Sauces

A picture of homemade sauce

As we just mentioned, Chinese food is all about using the freshest ingredients, and this includes the sauces! Sure, packet sauces are much more convenient, but if you want your Chinese dinner to be full of rich flavour, it’s all in making your sauces from scratch. It may take some practice, but it’ll definitely be worth it!

Choose Your Oil Wisely

Most people tend to use vegetable or olive oil in their cooking, however this doesn’t tend to be the oil of choice in Chinese food if you want it to be really flavoursome. The more preferred oils are usually canola, coconut or peanut oil. These oils are soft and add to the flavour of many Chinese dishes.

Order a Takeaway

A picture of YamYam To Go takeaway boxes

Who knows Chinese food better than a Chinese takeaway? If you really want the perfect Chinese dinner, get it made by the experts! Order a takeaway from YamYam To Go UK. Browse our menu and give us a call on 0800 246 1829.